Return to Palm Court on May 4!

Return to Palm Court will be released on May 4! As you recall, in the first book in the Isle of Palms Suspense series, The Haunting on Palm Court, follows Blake Nelson and her journey to banish her ex-fiance, Parker’s evil spirit, to the Other Side. 

Returning to Palm Court
Book #2 shares the perspective of Blake’s youngest sister, Brittany, who returns to the cottage to help manage the family bed and breakfast and care for her unruly niece. After a short time, Brittany realizes that the ghosts of their past may not have been laid to rest after all. 

Book three–don’t forget the middle child! 
I’ve started working on the third book. It’s still early to share very much about this project, but readers will learn more about the middle Nelson sister, Elaina – as well as how her gift differs from the rest of the family. I had to show the middle child some love!  

Embracing family connections 
All of the Nelson sisters are different, and the books reflect these differences. However, readers will find one constant–sisterhood, love, and strong relationships, especially among the women who kick butt while protecting their family. 

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