5-star rating from Readers’ Favorite

There are a lot of suspense romance books on the market, but this one is a little different and owns this genre in a way that most don’t, thanks to the plot and Edwards’ good writing.
-Readers’ Favorite July 2020 [Read full review]



Sound bites from a few GoodReads reviews

“There are so many twists and turns that you just want to keep reading. I loved how the author describes the scenes, foods and stores of that area. It felt like I had been right there forever.” – Becky Collins, August 2020

“Cute little story with ghosts, mystery, a dog and a little love. This isn’t the scariest book out there but it does leave you wondering when and if they are ever going to be rid of Parker. And how much damage is he going to do before he leaves?”
-Teresa Pogue, July 2020

“The book had well written female characters, nice spooky moments, a little romance and more. I would recommend this book.” 
 – Tanya, July 2020